1. The Craft of Negotiation – Negotiation in Real Estate Sales

    Negotiating skills are essential for success in real estate sales. 

    Incredibly, almost unbelievably – most real estate salespeople have never studied negotiation. Research indicates that less than five percent of real estate salespeople have read a book on negotiation. This is disgraceful. 

    Throughout the world, home sellers are losing millions of dollars due to their agents’ lack of skill in the crucial role of negotiation. 

    If you sell a property to a buyer for anything less than the buyer could have paid, would have paid or should have paid, then you, as the agent, have not d

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  2. The Hidden Cost of a Cheap Agent…

    Choosing an agent when selling your home is a big decision – this is why many people research a few different real estate agencies before they make their choice. Costs can add up quickly when selling your home, which is why some people consider hiring a discount agent to help cut costs. In theory this might sound like a great idea, but the team at Bruce Harry Real Estate have explained why this could end up costing you a lot more money in the long term.


    What is a discount agent?


    You’ve probably heard agencies boasting of their capped commission or offering the lowest fees in

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  3. The Dangers Of Opening Your Home For Inspection!!!









    Would you go out and leave your home open and unattended? Would you let people you don’t know wonder through your home amongst all your possessions? Of course NOT! Then why do these basic no no’s go out the window when you decide to sell?
    Open homes seem great, you think “wow look at all the potential buyers interested in purchasing my home”. When in reality you have no idea who these people are, if they are genuine, if they can afford your home or even if they are actually looking to buy a home. These “buyers” could simply b

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  4. Don’t Undersell Your Home!












    Price ranges are ‘Bait” strategies which use a false low price to attract buyers.
    The price range method comes in a variety of names – By Negotiation; Offers Over, Price Guide. They all undersell your home.
    Say you want $300,000 for your home. The agent will suggest that your home display; Price Range $275,000 – $325,000. The agent will say “lots of buyers” will be attracted by this lower price and then willingly pay the higher price. Bait prices which are supposed to hook buyers, actually hook seller

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  5. Don’t Fall For The Auction Trap!!

    Have you thought of selling your home at auction? Have you done your research about auctions?

    Auction is the worst method of selling your home. It gives you a lower price and exposes you to tremendous risk. Thousands of auction victims know the pain of expecting their homes to sell for a high price, only to be forced into accepting a low price at auction. The aim when selling your home is to get the highest possible price. At an auction the agents know your lowest possible price that is the ‘Reserve’ – they do not know the buyers highest price.
    If there are two buyers at the auction an

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  6. The importance of having a skilled negotiator as your agent!

    Provided a home is well priced, it is not hard to sell. What is hard is getting the highest price, and this requires negotiating skill.
    Lack of negotiating skill is the reason thousands of homes are undersold. Ask any home- owner how much they paid for their home and then ask them how much they would have paid and you will notice a huge difference. Most buyers admit they would have paid more and if you ask them why they didn’t pay more the majority will say “the agent didn’t ask for more”.
    Few people dispute the importance of negotiation skills in real estate. Yet incredibly- almost u

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  7. Find an agent you can trust!!

    Choosing the right agent is crucial if you want to get the highest price for your property with the least amount of stress.
    Here at Bruce Harry Real Estate we pride ourselves on achieving the highest possible price for our vendors!
    If you do not trust the agent, don’t hire that agent. A major ingredient in any relationship (business or personal) is TRUST! Before you choose your agent, ask as many questions as you can, check their written and online reviews, ask for a guarantee, test their negotiating skills and ask yourself the BIG question; Do I feel comfortable with this person handling t

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  8. Don’t be trapped into emptying your pockets for unnecessary advertising!!

    Real estate advertising is one of the best examples of incompetence and dishonesty in the real estate industry. Home- sellers are being duped into spending millions of dollars on unnecessary real estate advertising through a system known as Vendor Paid Advertising (VPA).
    Since the introduction of this system, real estate advertising has reached record levels – yet there is no noticeable increase in the number of sales being made.
    Here at Bruce Harry Real Estate we could not agree more! We do NOT believe our vendors should have to pay us to promote the sale or entice the right buyer. We pay

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    Here is a definition of conditioning:

    A Systematic process employed by Real Estate Agents for communicating bad or negative news to the Vendor’s to drive down their price expectations, after the agent has received the listing.

    When selling Real Estate in Holland Park, speak with  us – an ethical approach to Real Estate with no conditioning tactics.

    Conditioning is most easily identified in circumstances where the agent bombards you with negative news about your home, usually disguised as buyer feedback. You know you are being conditioned when the agent offers few solutions other

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    It is a dilemma most property sellers face when it’s time to sell.

    Your well meaning family and friends have absolutely no effect on how the market values your property.  What your property is worth in any given market is determined primarily by the law of supply and demand.

    Unfortunately there is no exact scientific formula that covers all properties in all market conditions, which you can use to calculate your property’s worth.

    There are however a number of factors that come into the equation in determining the value of a property – such things as the size location and orientation

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