1. Help For Home Seller’s

    How many people deliberately open their wallet or purse, take out a hundred dollar note and throw it in a rubbish bin?  No one.

    But yet, when it comes time to sell their homes, thousands of people throw away thousands of dollars. Sure, they do it without realising what they are doing; but the result is the same – they lose a lot of money.

    That’s because they’ve got no experience at selling their homes. Some people only sell a home once or twice in their lives. This little book can save you a lot of money when you’re selling what is probably your biggest financial asset, your family ho

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  2. What Are You Waiting For?

    Woman holding a skeleton key over white backgroundAre you, like many others, confused by all the media reports on the state of the property market? My advice to you is this; don’t let the never-ending bombardment of mixed messages and conflicting reports on the market paralyse you into sitting back and doing nothing.

    This year could be the best opportunity for those investors who can see through the maze of conflicting messages, to invest in the market. You too will do well to take advantage of the long term opportunity presented to you by the current market.

    The opportunity to get in early and take advantage at the beginning of a new prop

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  3. The True Value of Your Home

    Selling your own home is one of life’s most emotional moments for most people. Emotions can replace logic. Calling in agents for advice on what your property is worth often creates more confusion.

    Most sellers do not realise that there are many factors that can contribute to the value of their property.

    The real estate agent’s appraisal of the value of a property is only an estimate of the likely selling price and not a true independent market valuation. To make things worse unethical real estate agents in trying to win your business, over estimate the value of the property so you can give

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