1. Real estate advertising is one of the best examples of incompetence and dishonesty in the real estate industry. Home- sellers are being duped into spending millions of dollars on unnecessary real estate advertising through a system known as Vendor Paid Advertising (VPA).
    Since the introduction of this system, real estate advertising has reached record levels – yet there is no noticeable increase in the number of sales being made.
    Here at Bruce Harry Real Estate we could not agree more! We do NOT believe our vendors should have to pay us to promote the sale or entice the right buyer. We pay all advertising costs, the old fashioned way and the way it SHOULD be. Why pay thousands of dollars in hope that in return you will find the right buyer? The right buyer is already looking; no amount of money spent on expensive photos or signs will make them want to buy a home they already wanted to buy in the first place.
    Here at Bruce Harry Real Estate we still advertise on www.realestate.com, in the local papers, on our website and have eye catching signage. However this is all at our expense. The way it SHOULD be!
    Before you hand over thousands of dollars of advertising fees, drop into our Holland Park real estate office or call one of our friendly agents. Let us show you that we can achieve the highest possible price for your property without you having to empty out your pockets!

    Find out more at – http://www.bruceharryrealestate.com.au/the-18-worst-mistakes-made-by-homesellers
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