1. Provided a home is well priced, it is not hard to sell. What is hard is getting the highest price, and this requires negotiating skill.
    Lack of negotiating skill is the reason thousands of homes are undersold. Ask any home- owner how much they paid for their home and then ask them how much they would have paid and you will notice a huge difference. Most buyers admit they would have paid more and if you ask them why they didn’t pay more the majority will say “the agent didn’t ask for more”.
    Few people dispute the importance of negotiation skills in real estate. Yet incredibly- almost unbelievably- most real estate salespeople NEVER study negotiation.

    At Bruce Harry Real Estate our salespeople study negotiation skills intensively. We understand the importance of mastering the art of negotiation so that we can inevitably get the highest possible price for our vendors. Many sellers feel that agents earn commission for doing nothing! Many agents do worse than nothing – they undersell your home and they charge you for it. What an agent charges you is not nearly as important as what they cost you if they sell your home too cheaply. Negotiation is not a complicated skill. Put simply it requires some extra thought and unfortunately A LOT of agents don’t get this. Bruce Harry real estate agents do!

    Call us today or drop into our Holland Park office for more information on how our agents can negotiate on your behalf to insure we get you the highest possible price for your home