1. Have you thought of selling your home at auction? Have you done your research about auctions?

    Auction is the worst method of selling your home. It gives you a lower price and exposes you to tremendous risk. Thousands of auction victims know the pain of expecting their homes to sell for a high price, only to be forced into accepting a low price at auction. The aim when selling your home is to get the highest possible price. At an auction the agents know your lowest possible price that is the ‘Reserve’ – they do not know the buyers highest price.
    If there are two buyers at the auction and they keep bidding, it seems really good because the price keeps going up. However when one buyer reaches his/her highest price the bidding stops! And because no one asks the higher bidder to pay more, your home sells for much less than it should have.

    Here at Bruce Harry Real Estate we are educated in the pitfalls of auctions. We understand that auctions are the least effective way to sell your home. We strive to only get our vendors the highest possible price for their homes and are well aware of how stressful selling a home can be. We endeavour to make the entire process as smooth as possible for our vendors. If you’re contemplating auctioning your home drop into our Holland Park office and get some more information before you become just another auction horror story.