Would you go out and leave your home open and unattended? Would you let people you don’t know wonder through your home amongst all your possessions? Of course NOT! Then why do these basic no no’s go out the window when you decide to sell?
    Open homes seem great, you think “wow look at all the potential buyers interested in purchasing my home”. When in reality you have no idea who these people are, if they are genuine, if they can afford your home or even if they are actually looking to buy a home. These “buyers” could simply be a neighbour that always been curious about what the inside of your house looks like.
    There are so many risks and negatives involved in this particular method but first and foremost it’s unsafe. Your agent doesn’t know them they haven’t met or even spoken before they could literally be anyone. When an agent conducts an open home he or she is so busy welcoming people and generally as a rule stands out the front. How can he/she really “sell” your home from outside? What is worse is that these “buyers” are completely unsupervised inside your home.
    Here at Bruce Harry Real Estate we qualify each and every buyer before allowing them to view your property. We want to make sure they are genuinely interested and in the position to buy. All of our inspections are done privately. Our sales agents show the buyers around one on one so that we can talk to them and point out all the reasons why they should be paying the highest possible price. This ensures the safety of your home and possessions. If you’re considering selling phone or drop into our Holland Park office and see one of our well trained sales agents.