1. Negotiating skills are essential for success in real estate sales. 

    Incredibly, almost unbelievably – most real estate salespeople have never studied negotiation. Research indicates that less than five percent of real estate salespeople have read a book on negotiation. This is disgraceful. 

    Throughout the world, home sellers are losing millions of dollars due to their agents’ lack of skill in the crucial role of negotiation. 

    If you sell a property to a buyer for anything less than the buyer could have paid, would have paid or should have paid, then you, as the agent, have not done the best for your client. 

    You do not deserve to be well paid unless you obtain the highest price possible. 

    This is a reading from “The craft of Negotiation” – if you wish to obtain a copy of booklet – please contact our office on 07 3394 3888. 


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