1. I chose Bruce Harry Real Estate- Holland Park to sell my Mother’s home because they did not charge any marketing fees only commission when they sold the house.

    When I first met the Bruce Harry Team who dropped in one day to introduce their self and see if we intended selling the house.  They were not the pushy sales people and I explained that there was a lot of work to be done before the house was ready for selling.

    The team kept in touch through SMS and it was unintrusive and he did not mind me asking a few questions.

    They were very helpful and explained how the market was going at the time October 2016.  What prices for wooden/brick homes and what to expect for the age of the house.

    The sales team were patient with us while we cleaned out and had tradesmen in to paint, roof maintenance and guttering replacement.  We wanted to present the house in as good a light as possible.

    They explained the Real Estate Forms and Contract Documents in a very easy and thorough manner so that I could convey and explain to my elderly mother.

    The sales team of Bruce Harry Real Estate – Holland Park to viewed the house one day taking photos and placing them on the web as advertising.  The next day 6 people where shown through individually by several team members of Bruce Harry Real Estate – Holland Park. 2 phone calls were taken referring to the house.  One of the 6 people shown through was the buyer. Great team effort working together paid off for everyone.

    Sold in 2 days WOW!!

    Big thank-you to Bruce Harry Real Estate for his help and guidance with the sale of the house.